Rebound Therapy Training & Certification

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy is a specific method of use of a full sized trampoline to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic exercise and recreation for children and adults across a wide range of disabilities.

Why Should My Trampoline Park Have Rebound Therapy Trained Team Members?
  • Great opportunity to open up your quiet times to disability groups and learning disability homes and centers 
  • The opportunity to provide a valued service to your local community
  • Quality training and investment in staff
  • Staff trained in contraindications, increased risk, precautions, risk assessments, safe practice, structure and progressions
  • Demonstrates your organization's commitment to training, safety and quality provision
Training Course & Certification

The training course comprises two full days practical, a total of 13 hours. The course will be held in New Orleans on Tuesday, September 24th and Wednesday, September 25th. Sessions will begin on 9am each day. There is also some reading material provided to candidates prior to the course.

Aspects covered

Benefits, contra-indications, increased risk and precautions, risk assessments, safe practice, development of programs for profound and complex needs, activities for ambulant and energetic students, use of the development program, importance of structure and use of progressions, measuring and recording progress and providing evidence of outcomes, evaluation of personal teaching skills and statement of competence.

All key practical aspects of the course are videoed and every candidate will receive a copy.

On completion of the course, the candidate will receive the Level 2 Rebound Therapy practitioner certificate and will be validated to run and lead Rebound Therapy sessions for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities, as defined in the statement of competence, and in any suitable venue,
The course is AfPE Professional Development Board approved and is an internationally recognized program. The program has been running since 1972.

There is no pre-requisite training to attend the course.

All necessary training to run and lead sessions is covered on the course and each candidate writes their own personal statement of limitation with the tutor's guidance.
The majority of course candidates tend to be gymnastic and trampoline coaches, SN teachers, physiotherapists, OT’s, TAs, support workers, trampoline park staff and center managers.

Benefit to Patrons

Rebound Therapy offers a huge number of potential benefits; some of which are development and improvement of:


  • Strength of limbs
    •            Numeracy / cross curricular teaching
    •            Patience
    •            Communication
    •            Co-ordination
    •            Independence
    •            Self-confidence / Sense of achievement / Self image
    •            Balance
    •            Muscle tone
    •            Reaction speed
    •            Eye contact
    •            Relaxation
    •            Freedom of movement
    •            Stamina
    •            Spatial awareness / Body awareness
    •            Social awareness / Consideration of others / Trust and confidence in Coach
    •            And Fun and enjoyment


The work is intrinsically motivating and enjoyable and returns high value in therapeutic terms for the time and the effort involved.

The fact that the activity is so enjoyable can enable it to be used as a motivational aid to learn. Many teachers also report increased concentration and willingness to learn in the classroom following a Rebound session.


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The Online US Rebound Therapy Practitioner Course is designed to enable members to use the trampoline for the benefit of students with a wide range of disabilities. The course is an online self-paced course. Successful completion validates the candidate to lead Rebound Therapy sessions at any suitable facility, gym, school, or center.

Furthermore, completion of this course certifies the candidates' eligibility for membership of the Rebound Therapy Institute.

By clicking the link below, you may view the course outline, and when you are ready, sign-up for the course. The end of the course includes two different assessments. One written and one video in which the student will need access to a trampoline.

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions before, during, or after the course. I look forward to helping you, your facility, and staff create an enriched environment where children and adults with special needs can safely enjoy the benefits of the trampoline. 

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