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The IATP Founding Board Members were instrumental in the development of the ASTM Standard which was the first of its kind for the indoor trampoline park industry. ASTM is a separate standard making body, and the standard for indoor trampoline courts as well as standards for other attractions found in indoor adventure parks is constantly being updated and evolving. The purpose of this practice is to delineate requirements regarding the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and major modification of commercial or institutional trampoline courts with the primary purpose of amusement, entertainment or recreation. The standard applies to institutional trampoline courts that are located in and around amusement, entertainment or recreational facilities. Such facilities include but are not limited to trampoline parks, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, fitness centers, gyms, gymnastics facilities, sports facilities, skate parks, camps, shopping centers, temporary special events, carnivals and municipal parks.
Your participation in the ASTM is highly encouraged allowing you to have a voice and a direct impact on standards that will ultimately impact your business. As states look to regulate the industry, the ASTM is what they look towards as a benchmark for parks to adhere to. If you are interested in getting involved with the Trampoline Court Task Group please contact Phil Slaggert: [email protected]


IATP park members are strongly recommended to hold a certificate of compliance to PAS 5000:2017 (parts 4 and 5) not older than 36 months.* This can be issued by an approved IATP Inspection body - a list of inspection bodies can be downloaded below. All parks providing a valid certificate will become IATP certified BSI compliant members.
For 2022 membership, parks still working towards certification can also join the IATP as regular park members with a commitment to gaining BSI PAS 5000 compliance.

*Please note that due to the COVID pandemic certificates issued between 23rd March 2017 and 19th May 2021 must be no older than 48 months.

Example of BSI PAS 5000 Certification

UK - BSI PAS 5000: 2017

In April 2017 the British Standards Institute published the Publically Available Standard (PAS) 5000:2017 for Fixed Indoor Trampoline Parks. This document sets out the minimum standards for the design, construction, and operation of trampoline parks.

The PAS was sponsored by the IATP and written by a working group that included RoSPA, British Gymnastics, The Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Officers, Constructors, Insurers, and Operators.

The IATP believes that the PAS 5000 was a very positive step forward in making the Trampoline Park Industry in the UK safer for users and in providing guidance for those involved in the industry. The IATP recommends that all those involved in trampoline parks should be working to these standards as a minimum. You can purchase a copy of the specification from the BSI website


​Since 2018 The IATP has been a liaison organisation working on the current CEN/ISO project developing a new international standard for Trampoline Parks based on the BSI PAS 5000. Further to this we have member operators on several national expert panels representing the industry on the CEN /ISO working group and together we are working hard to ensure the voice of the operator is represented in the drafting of the standard. The first draft of the new standard was been published for public comment in June 2021 and has now closed with all participating countries submitting their comments and votes accordingly. These comments are currently being considered by the working group and a final draft is due in March 2022. Once the CEN/ISO is published it will supersede all national standards, however countries may choose to write guidance documentation to accompany the standard.
We will keep you updated on developments.

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