The work of the IATP in the UK is led by the UK Sub-committee which was established in 2015 by a group of industry leaders who quickly recognised the need for the indoor trampoline park industry to have representation in the UK.

The group has focused upon raising safety and training standards, improving the profile of the industry and highlighting the positive contribution that trampoline parks make to the mental and physical health of society.

With the COVID pandemic and ever-changing situation this work has never been more important and the IATP is leading lobbying efforts and communication with local authorities, the UK Government and leading agencies to ensure the voice of the industry is heard. We would encourage all parks in the UK to join the IATP and contribute to this work and ensuring our voice is heard as a single unified industry.

The current members of the UK IATP sub-committee are:

  • Chair – Harvey Jenkinson, CEO, Gravity Leisure Ltd
  • Vice-Chair – Nick Booth, CEO, Continental Sports Ltd
  • Gavin Lucas – CEO, Go Jump In
  • Shaun Wilkinson, Director, PlayHouse Ltd
  • Simon Wilkinson, Managing Director, Boost Trampoline Parks and Absorb Support
  • Darren Hedges, Founder, AirHop
  • Peter Brown, Managing Director, Circus Trix UK & Europe.
  • Cliff Nicholls, Director, Jump Xtreme.
  • Dave Inman, Director, A&S Inman (Designs) Ltd.

If you are interested in getting involved with the work of the UK IATP please contact us at [email protected]

UK IATP Member Benefits

Representation and lobbying
Single industry voice
5 complimentary Court Monitor Training courses per park member
Discounted Rebound Therapy courses
Standard writing and safety advice
Minimum standard benchmark and inspection programme
Reduced rate staff training
Access to technical advice and support from industry experts
Access to Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Mark (for school and youth visits – BSI PAS 5000 compliant parks only)*
Annual Conference and Trade show
Regular Newsletters and industry updates
Member only resources
Regular industry webinars
Customer safety video
Regional committees
Let’s Get Jumping Campaign
Member discount programme

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge Accreditation

IATP members now have the opportunity to achieve the LOtC Quality Badge, demonstrating a commitment to managing risk and providing a high quality experience to schools.

The IATP is delighted to be working in partnership with the British Activity Providers Association (BAPA) to offer UK IATP member trampoline parks the opportunity to gain a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. The LOtC Quality Badge is the only nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision and effective risk management and is available to IATP UK members now, offering a parks an effective and easier route to working with schools.

BAPA, a respected associated with over 30 years experience of inspecting and working with activity providers have been appointed the inspecting body of the LoTC accreditation for trampoline parks. The IATP and BAPA are delighted to be able to work together to offer a more assured route for schools and youth groups to continue to enjoy the experience and benefits of trampoline parks through the implementation of effective standards.

Court Monitor Training Level 1
  • Aimed at new and existing court monitors or anyone who want to learn more about the role of the court monitor 
  • Online training course
  • Designed to complement on-site training
  • Full course takes approx. 4 hours learning to complete
  • Fully flexible for the learner
  • Immediate certification on completion 

Content includes:

  • The background of trampoline parks
  • Understanding risk, roles, and responsibilities
  • The participant journey
  • Being a court monitor
  • How to handle non-compliance
  • Closing the park


  • Designed by operators and educational experts
  • Provides a baseline introduction to Court Monitoring for staff
  • Offers consistency across training
  • Promotes greater understanding of the trampoline park industry and the employee’s workplace
  • Better trained, more engaged staff

If you are interested or would like more information please contact Kate Lodge at [email protected]

National and International Standards for Indoor Trampoline Parks

BSI PAS 5000: 2017

In April 2017 the British Standards Institute published the Publically Available Standard (PAS) 5000:2017 for Fixed Indoor Trampoline Parks. This document sets out the minimum standards for the design, construction, and operation of trampoline parks.

The PAS was sponsored by the IATP and written by a working group that included RoSPA, British Gymnastics, The Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Officers, Constructors, Insurers, and Operators.

The IATP believes that the PAS 5000 is a very positive step forward in making the Trampoline Park Industry in the UK safer for users and in providing guidance for those involved in the industry. The IATP recommends that all those involved in trampoline parks should be working to these standards as a minimum and from August 2018 requires all UK members to commit to working to these standards.


Since 2018 The UK IATP has been part of the BSI Expert panel working on the current CEN/ISO project developing a new international standard for Trampoline Parks based on the BSI PAS 5000. The first draft of the new standard was been published for public comment in June and has now closed with all participating countries submitting their comments and votes accordingly. These will now be considered by the project committee.

BSI PAS 5000 Certification

UK IATP park members are strongly recommended to hold a certificate of compliance to PAS 5000:2017 (parts 4 and 5) not older than 36 months.* This can be issued by an approved IATP Inspection body - a list of inspection bodies can be downloaded below. All parks providing a valid certificate will become IATP certified BSI compliant members.
For 2021 membership, parks still working towards certification can also join the IATP as regular park members with a commitment to gaining BSI PAS 5000 compliance.

*Please note that due to the COVID pandemic certificates issued between 23rd March 2017 and 19th May 2021 must be no older than 48 months.

The categories for UK members in the 2021 membership year are as follows:
Developing Member

Any individual or entity that is in the early development of a leisure and entertainment location that includes in whole or in part the operation or management of an indoor commercial trampoline court, with the number of courts not yet being determined.
Signed UK IATP code of conduct

BSI Compliant Park Member

Any individual or entity that is engaged in the business of leisure and entertainment that includes in whole or in part the operation or management of an indoor commercial trampoline court please note, for organizations with multiple parks and/or franchises - each individual park must be a member.
Signed code of conduct
Certificate of compliance to BSI PAS 5000:2017 issued within previous 36 months.

Park Member

Any individual or entity that is engaged in the business of leisure and entertainment that includes in whole or in part the operation or management of an indoor commercial trampoline court please note, for organisations with multiple parks and/or franchises - each individual park must be a member
Signed code of conduct
Commitment to achieving BSI PAS 5000 compliance

Industry Supplier (Constructor, Manufacturer and Franchisor)

Any individual or entity engaged in design, construction, and/or manufacturing of Trampoline Park equipment in the UK
Signed code of conduct
Commit to build in compliance with BSI PAS 5000
Current Professional Indemnity insurance of at least £2million
Current Employers Liability insurance of at least £10 million
Current Public and Products liability insurance of at least £10 million

Industry Supplier (Inspection Body)

Approved IATP Inspection Body
Signed code of conduct
Current professional Indemnity Insurance

Industry Supplier

Any individual or entity engaged in selling products or services to Regular Members of the Association (excluding IATP inspectors or constructor/manufacturer/Franchisor)
Signed code of conduct

UK IATP Membership 2021

IATP membership will commence on the 1st January and run for a period of one year. Membership can be applied for at any point during the membership year.


Membership fees: 


Developing Member - $350 per annum  ($29.16 monthly or $87.50 quarterly)  

BSI Compliant Park Member (per park) -  $29.16 per annum  ($46 monthly or $87.50 quarterly)  

Park Member (per park) - $350 per annum  ($29.16 monthly or $87.50 quarterly)   

Industry Supplier Member - $500 ($42 monthly or $125 quarterly)

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