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In 2004, Sky Zone opened its first trampoline park in the United States, and only a few short years later the industry spiraled!

In just under 15 years, over 850 parks opened in the United States alone, changing the landscape of family entertainment centers nationwide. Today there are over 1,500 parks globally and the IATP has members in over 25 countries!

Tremendous growth of this new sector received attention from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). They raised concerns regarding safety standards and oversight wanting to ensure the industry could work together and grow responsibly.

Fortunately for all of us today, a group of stakeholders understood the importance of this message and came together with a vision for the future. They dedicated countless hours working together to draft a voluntary standard to help raise the bar for all adventure & trampoline park owners and operators. All of their hard work and dedication culminated in the adoption of ASTM F24-2970. Everything from construction to maintenance to operations was covered giving this new industry the needed foundation to successfully grow.

The IATP, also currently known as the International Adventure & Trampoline Park Association, was founded in 2012 to serve adventure & trampoline park facilities, startups, and the providers that serve them. IATP is a member organization, having an Advisory Board of Directors. As such, IATP functions first as a trade association, through its members, to help adventure & trampoline parks better achieve their business goals. 

Benefited by group buying power and capabilities of an international association, IATP's members can cut costs, increase revenue opportunities, and improve the quality of their operations, whether directly through IATP or its industry affiliates.

The association is poised to grow quickly as more and more indoor adventure & trampoline parks are opening worldwide and existing entertainment facilities add adventure & trampoline courts into their mix of attractions. Indoor adventure & trampolining has grown to the point where an international organization can provide the best means to pursue common interests, create valuable new member services, and influence the future direction of the industry.

The association has helped owners and operators all over North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Asia, South America, Central America, Australia by providing resources, education, training, regulatory, and media support.

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Founded in 2012, the International Adventure & Trampoline Park Association ("IATP") is dedicated to serving the interests of its members primarily consisting of adventure & trampoline park facilities, startups, and the providers that serve them.

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